Sunday, April 3, 2011

As the Weekend Draws to a Close

What a crazy weekend.  I'm exhausted, it is 7pm and I'm laying in bed.  Going to type up this post, do a little reading ("Definitely Dead" - a Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlain Harris for those who care) and go to sleep!  Friday night Scott went and fought fire for over 14 hours.  He came home Saturday and slept all day.  And probably would have slept all night except the fire flared back up and he got called out at midnight.  However, we had screaming winds and it was decided it was too dangerous and he was sent home at 3, but then got up at 5 and went back out on the fire this morning when the winds had died down... and I still have yet to hear from him today.  I know I wasn't the one on the fire, hiking around in the dark, but there is some serious loss of sleep when I know he is out there.  Logic tells me that I do know what i would do if something happened... but emotionally, I don't know what I would do if I lost him.

Ugh, I don't even want to think about it.

Moving on. 

Tomorrow afternoon I go in for my first training shift!  I've got my scrubs picked out, and took my shower tonight in case they call me in early (they said it was a remote possibility if they got slammed with emergencies or something) and I'm as ready as I'm going to be.

The weather has been a little crazy, it rained early this morning and has been overcast almost the entire day, and even did a little snowing this afternoon.  The rain was fabulous, the misting drizzle I grew up with.  I may be imagining things, but it seemed like the green buds on trees and new grass really popped today.  Don't get me wrong, still plenty of dead-yellow grass and bare trees, but the rain seemed to invigorate the plants or something.  More likely it just invigorated me.  I know, I know, I must be crazy.  All my Colorado friends are complaining like one day of overcast weather is equivalent to the apocalypse, but I luv it.  (And I mean seriously, ONE DAY?  Do you really want it to be sunny EVERY day?  If so, you need to move to Africa or something along the equator, because that is just a ridiculous expectation.  And it makes me want to drag them all to Seattle and see what they would do if they had overcast weather for a week, let along 9 months HAHA!  Just get a little perspective people...)

Rachel is out of town and I misses heeeeer!  I hope she is have a great time with her boyfriend and her family, but I keep thinking "I should call Rachel and see if she wants to go grab tea or something... oh, wait, she's not here" and then I make an epic pouty face that nobody but my dogs is around to appreciate.

Alrighty folks, I'm sleepy.  I've got my book (we, Nook technically) and my dogs and a comfy bed and some scented candles. And half of a sleeping pill to battle my insomnia that I took at the beginning of typing that seems to having an effect and calling me to wrap this up and get some shut-eye.  Hope all you out there in blogland have a good night and a great week full of warm fuzzy moments *BIG HUGS!!!*


  1. Ha. The lack of overcast days is part of the reason I love Colorado. No offense, but there's no way in hell I could live somewhere where it was overcast and rainy all the time... I don't need that perspective. :)

    Good luck at your first day tomorrow!!