Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm too lazy to come up with a witty title.

Today was the start of the first week of April.  It was the first day of my next cycle.  And it was the first day of my new job!

I felt like I was moving around like I was in molasses or something, everything was just so slooooow.  Well, not everything, just me.  All awkward in a new position and trying to figure out how they want me to do things, how they want me to prioritize tasks etc.  (Although it was slow in the sense that there were no appointments, although I think that was intentional so I could get my footing in figuring out their computer system, filing system etc.)  There was was one moment of panic when I went to call in a prescription order to the CSU pharmacy and started reading from the wrong chart and Dr.A was like "No, read the chart!" and pointed to the correct one.  And another panic moment when someone called to make an appointment and since I hadn't been trained on how to do that, and the other technician was on lunch, Dr.A had to do it.  But now I know how to place pharmacy orders and make appointments!  They said that tomorrow will be really slow, only two appointments so far, so that they wont need me until Wednesday because they want me to get a feel fora regular busy day.  (I'm sure also they are looking at those two appointments and thinking that it's not working paying me to stand around all day for whatever income they make on those two appointments.)  However, by the end of the day we all seemed to be getting along really well, and Dr.A started talking about her bad roommate situation and I mentioned my bad roommate situation and we had a nice little bonding moment.

I would probably type some more but Scott just got home and I haven't seen him all weekend and we are gonna chat and chat up on each others lives so we aren't strangers sharing a bed ;)


  1. yay for first days being over! Hate that feeling of "erm, don't know your system for how to do that yet . . . or that. . . or that"

    Ha, molassesfeet! I always say I'm running in treacle. samesame huh

  2. Great that you had an OK first day... and lovely to have a little bonding moment with someone you work with so soon. Best of luck for tomorrow and hope it gets easier and easier xoxo

  3. Congrats on your first day! I'm sure it'll all get easier from here on out :).