Thursday, April 7, 2011

What. A. Long. Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Couple of things to talk about today guys. 

1-GO over and check out Seriously guys.  I love animals.  I work to make their lives humane, comfortable and understood.  PETA has a long standing history of extremism, when their attempts to help often make things worse.  (Like the time they broke into a research facility and released a bunch of armadillos with leprosy into the wild... where they then infected the wild armadillo population... Good thinkin' there guys.)  Anyway, so now "In honor of Infertility Awareness" they are offering a free vasectomy to one lucky guy for neutering his pet. PETA is basing this on the idea that humans are overpopulating the planet and there isn't room for all the animals euthanized in shelters everywhere.  Ok.... I have two thoughts here. First, there is a lot of academics who argue that overpopulation is due to medical improvements allowing people to live longer, and that birthrates are actually in decline, so eventually we will slowly decrease the human population.  And secondly, less people means less homes to put those unwanted pets in.

Moving on...
2-Work is going well.  I worked 7 1/2 hours straight today.  Long shift I was pooped when I finally got off.  But I'm finding more of a rhythm.  Still coming across nuances they want done differently but I think that overall we are fitting together.  I don't think they are having to repeat themselves to me much at all.  The biggest pain is that while they are training me, I never know what my shift will be from day to day, it all depends on what the schedule looks like.  I'm hoping they don't drag this out too long... I don't mind working, but I like knowing when I can plan things. 

And this moves into my next train of thought...
3-We are officially moving forward with pursuing our own pregnancy.  Rachel emailed me officially stepping down from surrogacy and I absolutely respect her feelings.  And honestly, I'm starting to think Scott and I are ready too try, that maybe meeting her was the chance we desperately needed to take a break.  So as soon as I get a regular schedule I'll be calling back Dr.B to schedule my Lap. 

4-What do I do with this blog?  I don't want to lose the wonderful support I have found on here.  But the title, url address, and description are all focused towards our try at surrogacy.  Do I start a new blog, with a link from this blog to my new blog?  Do I just rename it and change my description and live with the url?

And Finally:  A really big giant HUGE thank you for the advice and support from everyone on talking with Scott about sex.  We did discuss it a little this afternoon.  And we agreed it may be good to talk more, and maybe even talk with a counselor.  That's another one of those things that hinges on me having a regular schedule...

Ok, really, the last thing: MommyOdyssey has been having problems commenting on my page.  If you find yourself having a hard time posting, I would love it if you would send me a message to let me know.  Who knows, maybe this is my chance to move over to WordPress? (I like that they can reply to specific comments)


  1. WordPress definitely has a better commenting system, but I still like blogger a lot better overall.

    You can change your URL of this blog and your followers SHOULD switch over with you. As a precaution I'd bookmark every one of your followers and do a post a couple days in advance of what the new URL would be though, just so everyone knows and doesn't think you disappeared in case something happens. It used to be an issue with blogger, but I think they've fixed that hitch now.

    Glad you and Scott were able to talk things over, and how exciting that you're starting to try yourselves again! Best wishes.

  2. Sorry about my slow commenting this week :( Heard about the PETA thing on a few other blogs and was flabagasted !! What are they thinking !! Great that you feel like your moving forward with your pregnancy journey and that you've had a break and ready to start trying again. Love your blog wherever you move to and whatever you call it... will be there with you :)) xoxo

  3. wow thats a change in direction. I reckon the break from ttc was a good thing. has been for me (except channeling the obsessing into other things)

    COMPLETELY agree about the individual comment response thing - I see in on Elphabas blog, so much visually better than what I've done with blogger.

    Do you have time out with Scott? Me and Mr Stinky try and set aside Wednesday night (after 8 to bedtime) to switch off the computers and one of us do something for the other - can be a foot massage, baking something nommy together, eating a meal together, doing the dishes (when its minging in the kitchen) together.
    Oh and Friday night we go get fish and chips and sit in the car by the sea and catch up on the week. Its really good to touch base and keep communicating, but Mr Stinky is generally quite good at talking (except about infertility, hmmmmmm, but I get to rant . . . agian)

    I don't know what becominganip means so a change in direction for you doesn't change anything for me, its Kira's blog to me! You can go into design and change the title heading though, I think (I'm really not one to advise on blog layout things, as Mommyoddyssey will prob agree!). I have thought this a couple of times when seeing other blog titles specific to if or whatever they are specific to. Mine's pretty generic, but then, wasn't intended to be an infertility blog

  4. Hey ladies :D
    Josey- I went to go an make a WordPress account, and but then decided the installation was too much of a pain. I'm just not feeling the need to that intelligent about technology. At least not today. Thanks for the luv and support!

    Mum- Thanks for the solidarity to follow me. I'm pretty sure I blushed and got the warm fuzzies from that!

    Stinky- (childish giggling... I told I would) Scott and I are actually having a date night as it were tonight. Going to meet some friends at a local bar, have a beer, play some pool. Feels nice and normal. "IP" stands for "intended parent" the name given to the couple who will be given the child from a surrogate. However, after realizing that wordpress is a giant headache, I think I'll stick it out here. I mean, I DO still intend to be a parent, so it works.... right? I'll start thinking about what to change my title/description to... expect some minor changes around this place :) And don't worry, I will get your chocolate in the mail!!!! Crazy week.... I think you need extra chocolate for having to weight on my busy bum! *love,hugs,'n'chocolate*

  5. I think commenting is finally working again! So yay!
    I say stick with it and change the design a bit. Nobody pays attention to the url anyway. :-)