Friday, February 18, 2011

Being an "Adult"... Mostly.

Wednesday I had my last left-overs from my Chinese food with Rachel on Monday.  It was also my last fast food/junk food day.  Yesterday I got up and had eggs for breakfast.  I actually cooked my meals.  And took my dogs for a walk.  Something clicked like "Ok, Rachel's going to get pregnant which means I need to get my s**t together and start to get healthier, drop some weight, and stop wasting money on eating out."  I know that we can't guarantee Rachel will get pregnant this time around, but it just finally felt "real". We are gonna do this, bitches!

Today, I'm going to clean.  Ya, I've ignored the dog hair and extraneous dishes long enough.  I know it's not like the place has to be baby proofed tomorrow, but I am an adult.  And an Intended Parent.  Time to start acting like one.  (Plus Scott said he would feel like a better intended parent if the place was clean.  Stressed-Scott is no fun, so if for no other reason I'll do it.) But I want it to be clean too.  I hide out in my bedroom to avoid my roommate, but I can't let the place fall apart just because I'm in a tense living situation. (Which will be over in 5 months! YAY!)

Scott was so cute last night after he chilled out a little.  He kept poking me and saying "I wants a baby" and "If this works, we're going to have a baby" in his sleepy voice.  Melts my heart y'all.  Of course he had to be a smart-ass and add "You did warn Rachel that if this baby isn't a boy, Rachel has to keep it?"  He can't stay serious for too long.  I better warn Rachel that he's sassy.

I am so incredibly excited for tonight, I can't even tell you! I feel like I slammed 10 coffees and I haven't had ANY. All jittery and can't sit still, I think it's gonna work people!  Not enough exclamation points in the world for me to communicate my excitement!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or as my thesaurus suggests:
anxious, avid, breathless, eager, enthusiastic, expectant, impatient, in suspense, on tenterhooks

Ok, I should stop putting off beginning my cleaning.  It's not going to be fun but I'm excited to see Scott's face when he comes home tonight.  I think today I will tackle the living room...

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