Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doing my homework...

I just finished reading the ENTIRE contract. All. 29. Pages.

For a non-legal-person such as myself, I must say I am impressed with my dedication and maturity to read the entire thing, as opposed to the skim-initial-sign I usually do with long contracts.

Feel free to applaud.

Everything reads like what we discussed and outlined, I'm excited for Scott to read it (He will probably do the skim-initial-sign thing.  Relying on my excellent reasoning skills to have read and understood the entire document) and give his official approval.

I feel like lately I have been overusing the words Excitement, Happy, Thrilled and Giddy.  But I can't help it!  I feel optimistic, light, buoyant!  What other words can I come up with... must pull up a thesaurus...

After some pretty dark and deeply depressing times it feels like the emotions are finally getting balanced out.  Of course the flip side is that I am also impatient.  Waiting for Scott to read and approve.  Impatient for this weekend to get here.  Impatient for Scott to get home in time for this weekend.  Impatient to ICI.  Impatient to begin pregnancy testing (We can start as early as the 27th!)  I need something to do with myself with all this time on my hands.  I need to do more reading.  Rachel ordered some books from amazon.com.  I need to get my Nook to a place with WiFi and download some surrogacy/pregnancy/parenting books of my own.  I should take my dogs for a walk... there's a good idea!


  1. I am so excited for you, Scott and Rachel! What journey this is going to be! I think keeping a blog will be an excellent way to record this entire process. I look forward to reading your future posts, my dear!

  2. Kira - is there anything in the contract about breastmilk? I meant to mention this when we talked, but can Rachel pump so you can give the baby breastmilk for the first few months after the birth?

  3. Also, I love that you are blogging about this journey! {{hugs!}}

  4. I'm hoping to induce lactation, but if that doesn't work Rachel will supply breastmilk for a while. It's funny but I've been asked that a couple of time! :)

  5. Well, it's extremely important. :-) Let me know if you need resources on induced lactation - I've got a lot of LLL leader-type friends. It would be good for you to get in touch with your local LLL as the baby gets closer, too!