Saturday, February 19, 2011

Currier service, sign here ma'am

I made the shortest trips ever last night and this morning to drop of "the stuff" to Rachel.  (She literally lives 5 blocks from me)  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.  Now to wait... Luckily for me she has gone to visit her boyfriend this weekend so won't be in town for me to pester her.  Asking how she's feeling... randomly giving her white sticks to pee on... even though it is too early to really be able to tell anything.  Why can't it be like on the "Friends" episode where Phoebe is a surrogate, takes a test that day and gets a positive!  Ok, I know why it doesn't work that way but STILL...

Scott is excited too.  I hope for HIS sake that it works this time, so he can stop over thinking everything.  Guys brains work so differently!  I've read in other blogs that this is not uncommon.  Usually the woman is all gung-ho and the guy is more hesitant, less involved.  I know it's not because they don't care or don't want a child, they just think differently than girls.  We had a whole talk last night about getting the baby cute little cowboy boots, and carhart overalls... Carhart even makes diaper covers! Which I think is hilarious :)  Check them out:    

After a year and a half I really feel optimistic!  We could totally have a baby!  Of course then the paranoia sets in that I'm setting myself up for disappointment... But I can't think like that.  Positive, positive, positive.  We can test on the 28th... Is it the 28th yet?

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