Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In the last 24-48 hours I have really been hit by the pain all around me.  And I'm not talking about the infertility community, but in my friends and family.  I name no names to protect my loved ones, but I have to share what my hearts is breaking for.

A marriage over with two young children.
A mother-to-be whose partner wants nothing to do with the child or a relationship with the mother.
A woman alone and struggling with her singleness.
A family whose sole income was lost today.
A mother who still grieves for her husband who passed away this summer, and the little boy who will never know his daddy.

It is easy in our infertility journeys to feel so alone and isolated.  We pull away to avoid dishing out our pain.  And while I have never stopped caring about my friends and family, perhaps I didn't ask often enough "How are you?".  Compassion, empathy and humility are traits I value and strive for in my life and relationships but I must admit I often fail in them.

I hope my loved ones know how much they are loved and prayed for in these times.  I hope I can be the shoulder to cry on, goodness knows I've cried on their shoulders more than my fair share.  I don't think this post adequately appeals to the pain and devastation but I cannot think of what different words to use.  Sometimes, there are just no words.


  1. Thinking of your friends and praying for them.

    BTW, posted the dessert recipe.

  2. Thanks for the prayers, and the recipe!

  3. Sorry to read about your friends and families troubles. There really isn't words to truly express how you feel. Being there for them is sometimes enough.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    ICLW #25

  4. sending prayers for your loved ones...