Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nerd. Geek. Dork.

Yay, Rachel is back in town!  It's not like we hang out every day or anything, but it makes me happy that she's back in the state, although I do hope she had a great trip this weekend.  On the flip side, Scott left to travel for work at 4am Monday morning.  Boo :(

I always miss Scott when he travels for work, but I admit that I've found the silver lining.  Most notably, I get the giant king-size bed all to myself!  Well, myself and the three dogs.  Amazingly, Corgis have this supernatural ability to stretch out, lay down and suddenly weight 50lbs so that moving them is quite the task.  And all three lay triangulated on the bed so that while it is a king size bed, I am left with little room to sleep on it.  They also are great about laying down on the blanket in such a way that pulling it up to my chin is equivalent to weight lifting.

So as I lay in bed last night cuddling my real-life stuffed animals, I was thinking about about the various controversial subjects in parenting and this is what I came up with:

Infertiles, as a group, are generally rather well read.  I mean, what else are we supposed to do to keep ourselves busy as we kill time between treatments, during the terrible 2WW or whatever else we wait for. So we read.  We read about infertility, and often we read about parenting so that when we do get pregnant we are "prepared".  In light of this being ICLW week, I have made a pseudo poll, about some of the controversial subjects of parenting.  Some of these I admit I already have an opinion on, but I welcome people to share their personal experiences or research. 

But just a little reminder - we all want what is best for our future children.   Often the reason something is controversial is because there are good points on each side, otherwise everyone would agree.  So play nice :)  I know you all would anyway but I just had to say it...

-CoSleeping: Yea or nay?
-Babyfood: tiny pieces the child can pick and choose from and feed themselves, or blended and spooned in?
-Cloth diapers vs. Disposable diapers?

Discuss :)  I had more but figured I would save some for future posts.


  1. Great post... hopefully you're prepared for the can of worms you've openned.

    Here's my take on the red button topics...

    Cosleeping? Not for me. We are both big people and move a lot in our sleep. I would be constantly worried about crushing her. But she has slept in our room from the outset. Sometime soon we'll have to retire the cradle because she's outgrowing it rapidly and move Ginny into the nursery.

    Babyfood? We'll start with pureed at first, but when her motor skills allow for it, she'll be picking for herself.

    Diapers? We chose cloth, but if we didn't have access to a reasonably priced diaper service, I don't know that I would be as committed.

  2. I really WAS prepared for a can of worms, but my blog is apparently worm free. Gotta say, I'm a tad disappointed. Meh. I guess I'll throw out my opinions.

    CoSleeping - not gonna happen. Scott and I move a lot in our sleep (I've been elbowed in the face a time or two on accident) And, well, 99% of the people I have known who have done co-sleeping, when they go to transition to the child sleeping alone it is very traumatizing for both parents and child.

    Babyfood - I'm still undecided. I love the idea of letting them pick and choose and express their likes and dislikes, but the nice thing about puree is the ability to blend whole foods and/or mix foods for complete nutrition.

    Diapers - Cloth. Although I don't think we will have a diaper service. While it's more expensive up front it is WAY cheaper in the long run, especially since you can reuse them on multiple kids. Plus, I don't like all the chemicals and stuff found in disposable diapers. We will probably keep a couple of disposables on hand for babysitters/etc in case they aren't comfortable using cloth diapers.

  3. I never planned on cosleeeping but with my strict breast feeding they ended up in bed with me a lot of the time Matt also was not hone and Im a very light non moving sleeper and both my girls transitioned great in their own rooms but I thinkk part of that also was that they neverliked bassinettes they just had the crib in myroom. As for baby food neither of my kids really liled It so I just nursed until they were old enough to munching on people food in small pices I fed them until they learned to do it themselfs. Diapers I do both if I had a diaper service that would do the new pocket diapers I would do them more for now its cloth at home and night and disposable for matt out and sitters.

  4. Anon: Thank you for your post! Most of my friends didn't plan to cosleep but did due to breastfeeding. Is there something specific you did in transitioning your kids that you think helped make it smooth?

  5. Nope I just put Lilly in her crib in my room at night till she woke up then she spent the rest in mybed also once we moved back and she went to her own room she started sleeping threw the night in her crib leah was harder but I just did the same thing crib in her own room they were both about 10 months then so nursing was slowing down by then

  6. NO COSLEEPING. that is all.

    For a variety of reasons. . .smushing your baby, separation and individuation, self-soothing, etc etc etc.

    Also, creepiness (when the baby gets older). Hello, Brangelina.