Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warning to rude people

The bottome line of what this blog is about:

1- to reach out to the infertility communiy for support for myself, Rachel and Scott.

2- hopefully, perhaps someday we can support others.  Perhaps even people that consider surrogacy for themselves.

So if people start thinking of leaving rude comments, realize that I am not doing this for your approval.  Scott, Rachel and I have not gone down this path lightly, but with MUCH thought, discussion and prayer.  This blog can only catch snippets of my experience but cannot possibly encompass all of our lives and histories.

Let's just support one another, ok?


  1. Has someone been obnoxious? Grrr...

    Support is what this community is all about.

  2. I hope you haven't been receiving negative comments. That wouldn't be very nice as this is usually such a supportive community.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your awesome comment! I also wanted to pop in and say hello. Looking forward to following your story.

  3. I have a feeling it wasn't from ICLW, from the way they worded some things and the fact that they posted anonymously. But I figured that since part of blogging is the inevitable stupid comments I would make one post about it that I could refer insensitive/ignorant people to in the future.

  4. Hi again from ICLW. I'm with these girls... I seriously hope (and doubt) that it was from the ICLW. I know we monitor EVERYTHING on our site in hopes that we can keep our readers safe... ugh.

    Glad to find your blog and will be keeping up with your journey. :o)

    If you have time, visit us at The Ladies in Waiting Book club. We are a book club comprised of women surviving infertility treatments, joined together in friendship, support, and good books. :o)

  5. Thanks Kim! I went to the website, and LUV the idea of mixing IF support with reading. I always have a stack of books (Literally, and theoretically in both hard copies and on my Nook)

    *Happy Dance for all the amazing-wonderful-supportive women I have met through ICLW!*