Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pulling Scott Off the Ceiling

Scott has been out of town on work all week and got home tonight.  Part of his day included a 6 hour drive home.  WAY to much time for him to over think and over analyze. By the time he got home he was in full-on freak-out about becoming a parent.

Now, I know becoming a parent comes with all kinds of fears and concerns.  My concerns tend to fall into the "I hope I don't mess them up emotionally/mentally" while Scotts tend to lean more towards "I hope I can provide the financial/material needs".  Both are equally important, but me being a girl it's easy to focus on the joy of parenthood and feel some semblance of sanity.  Scott being a guy and thinking like a guy and compartmentalizing everything does not.

Scott loves kids.  He wants kids.  But like clockwork, every time we are a day or so before the "trying" stage he hits this spot.  However, I KNOW that when we realize we aren't pregnant, he will be really disappointed.

So on a monthly basis, I get to remind him of this.  I thought girls were supposed to be the emotional ones?!?!

Thankfully he is back in his happy head space of balancing the excitement about a prospective baby with all the scariness babies bring too.

I need a bubble bath.  Or at least some kind of wife award.  Comforting can be exhausting!

But I know that I will have my freak outs, and Scott will be the one to talk me off the ceiling, and help me focus on what matters and what I really care about.  That's why we love each other.  We are an awesome team.  Maybe we should get jerseys...

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