Thursday, March 10, 2011

All These Thoughts and No Place To Go

So I feel like I should write something new.  As usual, there is a lot going on but I'm not sure how to organize it.

First off, my mom is coming this weekend.  I absolutely love her, but we have our issues (what family doesn't???) so I am both very excited and wary.  She is getting in Saturday morning.  We will grab lunch, and then go tour the Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, and hopefully some of my friends will meet us there so she can meet friends, and it takes a bit of the load off me.  (Too much one-on-one can be baaaad)  Then she is set on buying me new jeans since I've lost weight and can now take off my jeans without unbuttoning them (Yay for losing fat!) so as long as we are in Boulder I'm thinking we will hop on over to the Flatirons Mall, which is the biggest nicest mall that I know of here in Colorado.  Sunday morning is church, (I can see her both hating or loving the Orthodox church so I'm not sure what to expect there) and then we will have lunch with Scott's mom in Cheyenne (what an interesting coincidence that she is in Cheyenne this weekend).  I'm nervous for the lunch.  I like seeing Darleen but there is a certain amount of hurt because of her reaction to our miscarriage, and also some awkwardness since we have to go through her every time we want to withdraw from Scott's trust account. (I don't know any married couple that likes sharing the details of their financial life with their parents/in-laws) And my mom said that having lunch with her would be a nice "political" move.  WTF?!  Am I going to need to call in some secret service or something?  I am kind of dreading what my mom may say...  Then Sunday evening we are going to a movie with Rachel so my mom can meet her.  I'm actually really excited for that, I think they will hit it off.  Monday is potentially a small hike (weather permitting) and maybe going to the Ansel Adam's exhibit at the tiny local museum.  Then she get's on a plane and heads back to Washington. 

(All that was so whoever in blogland feels like stalking me, now you can!  Er... wait, please don't.  Message me and we can set up a time to meet for coffee or something, but walking 10 yards behind me the whole weekend would be weird)

Then there is a bunch of crap going on with Scott's job.  He almost got fired, but instead they put him on two days of unpaid suspension.  He doesn't want to go back but I told him he has to without another job lined up.  So he went a-job-hunting this morning... and then a friend took him to the Budweiser Brewery tour and got him drunk.  Awesome.  Thanks "friend".  But at least he's feeling more relaxed then he has sounded in the last 24 hours.

(Scott likes beer, he home brews, but he very rarely ever gets drunk so don't think this is a regular occurrence or anything)

So, I spent the morning working on my resume and thinking of places to send it.  This town sucks for my field but it is really more than high time I get to working on finding a new job.

And I've been working on figuring out where we will stay when our lease ends.  Since we had planned to move to Washington I don't really have a great plan for where to move here in Colorado.  For a LONG list of reasons we wont renew our lease with our roommate.  Aggressive dogs, she's pregnant, and oh did I mention she stole a tea kettle the other day??? We searched all over the kitchen and even asked her point blank if she had seen it and she said no.  But on Tuesday it was sighted in her closet.... can you grow up PLEASE?  You passive-aggressive freak.  *sigh*

Needless to say it has been a very weird week.


  1. Yikes, there is so much to address in this post!

    (1) Good luck with your Mom, and she's right, it's a good political move to do the lunch with MIL. That's a weird word to use, but it's pretty much what is it. Keep the peace, whatever you want to call it.... :)

    (2) YAY for needing new jeans b/c of fat loss. That's always a great feeling. I have ONE pair of jeans that fits well right now without muffin top - I can't wait until I get the 15# back off that I just put on and have a whole wardrobe again. UGH.

    (3) SHITTY about the job stuff. I feel ya. Good luck to both of you in finding jobs that fulfill you (and pay the bills).

    (4) HOW have I never done the AB tour?! We did it once in St. Louis (where my hubby is from - he ONLY drinks Anheuser Busch beers now - Bud in particular)... but we've been to Ft.C a bunch and never done the tour there. Also, funny that you put a caveat on that that your hubby doesn't get drunk often. We do, and that's okay. We're slowly growing up. :)

    (5) Passive aggressive roommate HELL?!?! Wow, what a crazy. Get out for sure1 Are you looking for a place actually IN the fott or more towards boulder/longmont/denver?

  2. Hey Josey :)
    1-ya, I know it's a good move. But my concern is that my mom will bring up our finances with Darleen and I really don't want to talk about that.
    2-Ya, I'm excited about the weight loss. It's a small step in a lot to lose, but I'm trying to be excited about this accomplishment without letting myself "celebrate" with bad food.
    3-I spent a good part of the afternoon updating my resume and trying to find places to send it to. Here's hoping!
    4-Serious??? So many brewery tours up here, and the AB is free and you can even see the Clydesdales! There is also New Belgium that offers free tours and tastings. And of the two of us, I tend to be the one who drinks too much (they are just so tasty... and then it all catches up with me! *tear*)
    5-Looking in Fort Collins. It's where all of our friends are, and where Rachel is. Although if we can't find anything we will look in the surrounding areas (Windsor, Loveland, Eaton etc)