Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a Weird Day

Thanks for the great support everyone on yesterdays post.  I had my working interview today.  It was... weird.

I started out this morning but due to some special situation stuff with the clients that came in they didn't get to see me do some things (such as check in and take patient history, TPR etc)  I did attempt a blood draw, but that is one of those skills that you use it or lose it and it has been a while for me :(  So I didn't get any blood but overall it was fine.  There was a moment when Dr. A (making a joke in poor taste?) told a client to take her "screaming kid" out of the room (The cutest little 6 month old girl who was ever so slightly fussy.  I was really kind of shocked but the mom laughed so I'm trying to let it go...)

Anyway, so they asked me to come back tonight to do some of the things I didn't get a chance to this morning.  I thought it went alright, until we had to trim a dog's dewclaw nails (that's the "thumb" that is partway up the inside of the leg) and the dog FREAKED the F OUT.  And the vet seemed kind of exasperated but it wasn't clear if she was frustrated with my restraining methods, or the situation...  So that left me feeling worried.  But ended out the night ok, I felt like I got along great with the other technicians, and maybe the doc is just a difficult person to read (everything she says is with a straight face) and it will take time to learn her humor/body language?  Before I left I asked if there was anything else and she mentioned she wanted to get in touch with my references, particularly that it was important that one of them be a previous employer. So since my previous employer is known for being bad at returning phone calls I emailed Dr.A my previous employers email address since she is much better at returning emails.  And I added in another reference just in case of where I did my internship (which is kind of like a job.... right?)

So ya.  That was my day.  Now to go veg and let my mind mush a little but and watch ANTM.  I swear it's the only reality TV I watch.  Promise.  I just like the artsy photo shoots!


  1. ohh! crossing my fingers for you!
    (and there's no shame in watching ANTM. Tyra's crazy alone is enough of a reason!)