Friday, March 11, 2011

What a Start to the Weekend.

Tomorrow my mom comes to town.

Today a wild fire started outside of Boulder.  It is still going on.  And Scott is out on it.  With his fire department.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the people out there that they return home safely with the fire extinguished with minimal damage to people's properties.

And then this happened.

So apparently my roommate found my blog.

I have no idea how this happened.  Even when you google for this it doesn't pop up.  There is a very select number of people I have given the URL to.  (Other than ICLW but I don't think she would be a part of that)
**Correction, I just found that my website has been found via google.  The keyword searches that found me were:
"extreme phobia of horseback riding panic attack" and "nerd family tree".
But if you google "Kira surrogacy blog", nada. I officially don't understand how search engines work**

Naturally she was upset about some of the things I have written.  There are two sides to every story.  But this is my side.  It's my perception of events, interactions and motives.  And ultimately, my living situation is not the main focus of this blog.

She asked that I no longer talk about her.  But I have to wonder, does she talk about our situation, about me, to her friends and family?  I would assume so.  And I don't ask her not to.  She has to reach out to her support system.  But so do I.

So on to what this blog IS about.  I absolutely support Scott in his firefighting.  But... well, the timing kinda sucks.  We have to ICI Rachel this weekend.  Kinda hard to do when he is in Boulder all bunkered up.  Worse case scenario?  We spare using the OPK and try again in April.  I realize that's not the end of the world... but... I've waited so long.  It probably should feel like nothing compared to the time that has already been spent but right now I just feel like a little kid who was promised a toy and has now been told I need to do more chores in order to get it.  *stamps foot* I want it noooooooooooooow!

I'll keep you posted on the state of the fire and the intended ICI.

On the upside Scott was as excited to go out on the fire as a little kid getting to open his Christmas presents 6 months early.  I love seeing him so exuberant and excited.  :)


  1. Scary about the fire - I hope Scott stays safe and is back in time for the ICI!

    As far as your roommate goes, I'd say you have every right to vent on here. It's a private blog in the fact that you haven't disclosed your last name or any part of your roommate's name, so it's not like this could adversely affect her if a potential employer or something was searching her name. This is truly a support system, and should be a place for you to vent. How does she have any right to ask you not to talk about something when she's reading your PRIVATE blog in the first place?

    As to how she found it, when you look at your google profile (that includes gmail, picasa, etc), is your blog linked to it? That may be how she found it.

  2. That sucks about your roommate. Were you saying anything bad about her or just talking about her from time to time?

  3. I don't understand how search engines work either !! Best of luck for the ICI xoxo

  4. Elphaba- I've vented, which means yes the things have been negative. I'm not saying I'm an innocent angel, there have been bad decisions made on both sides, but doesn't mean I'm thrilled with the current living situation.

    I tried to get out of the contract early but my roommate insisted Scott and I take on all the cost and inconvenience of that instead of finding new renters to sublease or something so that we don't have to shell out ridiculous amounts of money that we can't afford.