Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A longer update

So we found out what is wrong with my car (it got dropped off at the shop on Friday)  The catalytic converter is dead.  The mechanics quotes $750 to replace it.  But Scott swears he can replace it and the part will be about $200.  But that means it still wont get fixed until a minimum of Friday. 

Scott is in Wyoming for work for the week.  He's hoping to be home Thursday, but it may not be until Friday.  My birthday is Friday so I really do hope he is home by then. (26 for those of you who care.)

Had a really great time with my mom.  The tour at Celestial Seasonings was fun and really interesting. We shopped and then headed home.

Sunday we had breakfast with Rachel (yay Snooze!), which I think went pretty well... I'm still waiting to get Rachel's impression of my mom lol.  Then church (she didn't like the incense, it bothered her eyes but seemed to overall like it.) and more shopping (got a grand total of: 1 new pair of earrings, 1 new necklace, 1 pair of shoes and a purse) Scott got home that evening from the wildfire outside of Boulder for dinner and some dessert a la Whole Foods. 

Monday I drove Scott to his office so I would have the truck, mom and I had brunch and went for a walk along the Poudre River with my friend Bee.  It was a nice chance to walk the dogs and talk with a good friend :)    We got to the airport in time and I dropped her off.

I then bawled like a baby. 

I mean, I'm feeling all overwhelmed and stressed out that we missed all opportunity of pregnancy with Rachel this month, my roommate has raised the tension in our house to the breaking point, I'm facing my EDD of the baby we lost, AND I started my period (hello emotions!)  And my hubby is out of town and I'm always sad when I drop people off at the airport...

Mostly I just want to curl up and drink the yummy tea I got from the CS tour (sleepytime vanilla.  AH-mazing!) and eat a lot of chocolate.

On the upside I just got a phone call from my sister-in-law A.  I love her her so much, she has been unfailingly supportive of Scott and I, and she is one of the few people that understands the intricacies of my family and we can gossip back and forth about what's new in the family. (I hate to admit that I gossip... but I can't really call it anything else)

And of course my dear friend T who I spend 90% of my day with has been wonderful to keep me from being too lonely, and we rented the first DVD's of the original Star Trek and the cheesyness and eyeshadow are pretty darn amusing. (I'm all for guy-liner and male-polish, but eyeshadow is a bit much for the entire male crew lol)

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  1. Sounds like you're dealing with so much at the moment... it's understandable to feel emotion - an EDD is enough of a stress, let alone all the other things you're dealing with :( Fantastic that you have such a great friend and SIL... people like them are gems :)) Happy birthday for Friday.. hope you get a pampered and special day with your husband back in town xoxo